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If you are a UI/UX developer, prototype designer, development/deployment engineer, business owner, student, or just someone who loves building web apps and playing around with it, our open online community is the place for you to be. Connect, share experiences and discuss ideas with fellow Flexbuilders. You can start your own discussion thread if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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Your Knowledge Hub is your detailed and exhaustive guide to building on Flexbuild. Learn how to build any web app without writing a single line of code. We cover everything you need to get started — from navigating the interface to expert features and best practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flexbuild is a powerful no-code/low-code platform that gives you the ability to build any type of website/web app. You can use it without or with minimal technical knowledge. It gives a visual set of components to assemble and launch fully functional end products. It is equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that enables you to bring your applications online from just an idea in no-time. Simply put, Flexbuild helps you in powering your digital ideas with low coding / No Coding.

  • Flexbuild is a very powerful no code/low code intuitive platform. No prior knowledge of software development is required to enter the world of Flexbuild and join the no code/low code revolution.

    We’ve found that people with no previous software development experience who are comfortable with computers can generally pick up the basics in a day and become an expert in a week or two. If you can use a spreadsheet, you will get comfortable with Flexbuild soon.

    Get started by visiting our detailed and exhaustive Guide - Your Knowledge Hub. We cover everything you need to get started — from navigating the interface to expert features and best practices. You can also ask for help or find answers from our active community of Flexbuilders.

  • With Flexbuild, you can build responsive websites. It allows you to deal with dynamic data and iterative UI elements. It very flexible for developers as well.

    Web apps you can build include(but are not limited to!)

    • An BigData Products
    • An AI Web applications
    • An eCommerce platform
    • A Learning Management System (LMS)
    • A cloud based Lab for Data Science practitioners
    • A story-led product platform
    and more …

  • Launch sooner Building an idea into a working application in Flexbuild is much faster than traditional development. It can take weeks or months for a development team to turn a design into a working application. With its out-of-box CMS, Flexbuild facilitates in shortening the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and help you go live within a week or less.

    Easy to use Anyone in your team can make changes, not just developers. Hiring developers and managing them can be challenging in terms of time and costs. With Flexbuild, you don’t need to invest in hiring additional team members for any web app development projects. Your current team members can learn the platform in a day and get started with development soon.

    The platform also provides a role-based access to all team members which makes gives way to a fine-grained control, offering a simple, manageable approach to access management of the app development process that is less error-prone than individually assigning permissions.

    Short learning curve A thorough user empathy study has helped us to understand what a non-technical user would think, do and feel throughout their experience on a no code/low code platform. Flexbuild’s smooth user interface makes the learning curve very short for first timers with zero technical skills. Plus, Flexbuild uses commonly used terminologies.

    Lower costs Hiring and managing an in-house developers team generally requires a huge investment, even for small organizations. With Flexbuild, you can build a fully-functional web application yourself at 1/3rd of the cost of hiring. Don’t let software development be a hindrance in powering your digital ideas.

    Powerful Harness the power of Flexbuild’s data distribution feature to create customized and dynamic web applications. It not only provides interaction with real-time data and highly reactive UI elements but also insertion of custom codes to customize your application as per your convenience. Thus, you need not compromise your designs in any aspect.

  • Yes, you can. Features like testing and preview are available on mobile and tablet. However, other features like design are not available yet.

  • All your web app demos are hosted on the Flexbuild server which can be done using the preview mode. Once you complete your development process, you can generate the latest build and deploy it at your convenience on the standard cloud services of AWS, GCP, Azure or local host. You can choose to do it manually or automate it.

  • Your UI elements can connect to any 3rd party API or data source. We also facilitate authentication to keep the data transactions secure.

  • Your UI elements can connect to any 3rd party API or data source. We also facilitate authentication to keep the data transactions secure.

  • Yes, you can use a domain name purchased by you for hosting the web apps on the Flexbuild platform. However, for software development you will have to use a URL provided by Flexbuild.

  • Make your life easier!
    Having knowledge of coding is a plus while using Flexbuild. Development from scratch has always been a more powerful process. However, it is hectic and it requires a lot of extra effort and time to set up and configure. Designing the architecture, data flows, patterns, best practices and finally deploying configuration can be very laborious. Switch to a seamless software development experience using our platform. Flexbuild automates the mundane tasks of web development. Spend your time wisely designing your data model and focussing on full-proofing the business logic.

    Developer resources Do go through our resources curated for developers by visiting our detailed and exhaustive Guide - Your Knowledge Hub

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